Top 10 Summer Trends for Men

July 12, 2015


There is a theory that men don’t really ‘do’ trends in the same way women might. Men tend to shop less frequently and are likely to buy clothes for the long haul but, that said, the modern man is actually a lot more fashion conscious than he might make out.


So, what might the sartorially and fashion conscious man be looking at for the summer?


1. Bright colors


At the very least pastel green and blue is taking the place of the grey and beige shades in casual trousers. In extreme cases brighter hues such as tangerine are proving popular for those men brave enough to pull it off.


2. Prints


Not just for the men’s favorite summer staple, the Hawaiian shirt, but for trousers and even jackets this summer.


The patterns are pretty inventive and creative with block-color swirls, mosaic styles and various large flowers, curls and spirals.


3. Denim


This is a case of an old favorite with a twist. Lighter denim soft-washed jackets and even suits are making an appearance. Easier to pull off if you’re younger…


4. White sneakers


A surprising trend: for most males above their middle teens the idea of wearing white trainers other than when at the gym is an absolute no-no but no more. White sneakers may be fashionable – but again maybe for the younger male.


5. All-neutral color


While brighter colors may be taking over from beige and grey when it comes to pants, a feature of fashion name Calvin Klein’s spring and summer collection is a clothing ensemble that actually makes a virtue of a neutral color.


An all beige ensemble from head to toe (including the shoes) sounds a lot worse than it looks.


6. Polo shirts


A timeless classic, polos are available in various materials and colors – not just sporty ‘airflow’ types. You can promote your club or association by getting together with your associates and ordering wholesale polos with a badge or your team’s name woven into them for a smart group identity.


7. Hats


Following the theme from the bright colors for summer, casual hats and baseball caps can be had in various bright greens, purples, reds and…just about any color you like.


No doubt the old favorites such as the straw panama will continue active service – but it’s probably best to pick the right occasion to wheel out these old classics.


8. Boating theme shoes


The archetypal ‘boating style shoe’ is still a popular summer choice and has the advantage of looking good with most casual trousers and shorts. The ‘deck shoe’ – or plimsole – is available in colors and patterns nowadays limited only by your imagination.


9. More formal


For the occasions when a bit more formality is needed, crisp white tailored jackets are in as are horizontal striped jackets from the prestige fashion houses. Suits don’t have to be dark and plain, especially in the summer.


10. Sunglasses


Along with the aviators and pebble lenses, the retro look is popular for the summer. The D-frame shape is making a comeback – meanwhile the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers offer a timeless elegance. See more here.


Going shopping


Men could clock up many hours shopping checking out the latest summer trends, expect to see a denim suit and a mosaic printed shirt on a street near you soon.













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