Women Cardigans – The Most Flexible Dress For All Season

September 30, 2014


Women are very fond of dressing differently and are constantly on the lookout to purchase new ones.  They will not get satisfaction from any type of dress so easily. However there is one dress on which all ladies easily settle upon immediately. That is the cardigans.  It all started in the 17th century with the 7th Earl of Cardigans wearing this type of dress. Then, in the 19th century the Irish singer Michael Valentine Doonican gave concerts wearing cardigans and from then onwards it became popular.

Women cardigans have their own place in each and every lady’s wardrobe. They are the versatile dress that can be used for various purposes. They can be worn in all seasons. It is very comfortable for the cold season and very stylish for other seasons. Moreover, it is very suitable for wearing to the office since they are formal and casual both.

Cardigans can be worn simply by themselves or they can be worn on top with other tops, t-shirts or shirts underneath.  You can create various combinations of styles with your cardigans. They can be buttoned or let loose; whichever way you want.  Everything depends on the way you want to present yourself, whether traditional or modern. However, cardigans guarantee you stylish and elegant look whatever style you choose.

Suppose you have small fitting jeans that show your lines and you are not wearing it, you can try it with a lovely cardigan over a smart top. The cardigan will cover the lines. Any cute dress that is lovely for you but is not the right fitting, you can purchase it anyway and wear it with your cardigan. You can wear it buttoned, not buttoned or belted. You can tone down the sexy appearance of any dress by wearing cardigans.

Cardigans come in variety of styles featuring different styles of necklines traditional crew-neck, v-neck, scoop neck, cowl neck and many more. They are available in curvy and more fitting style or loose fitting style. Moreover, the length also varies according to the models.  In general, they differ from your waist till the back of your knees. You can find full sleeved cardigans, 3/4 sleeved, half sleeved and 1/8 sleeved cardigans.  Even pregnant women can wear cardigans by purchasing the plus sized cardigans. A black cardigan in your wardrobe will be handy for many things you want.

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