Watches as a Fashion Statement

June 13, 2014


Fashion StatementFor the fashion conscious clothes and jewellery have always been crucial to achieving the right look. Nowadays, however, watches are considered to be as much a part of fashion as either. Watch makers and designers have recognised this trend and now produce watches intended to make a fashion statement as well as being functional timepieces.

Most obviously, watches are now designed to suit the different requirements of a variety of wearers and are made in a wide range of shapes and sizes and of different colours and materials. There are watches to suit the elegant woman and there are watches for the businessman or the rugged sporting type. They come in all types for all types of people.

Watches vary in many ways. The faces are commonly round or square but modern designers experiment with all shapes. And watchbands, too, add to the variation – metal, cloth, plastic and leather are among the materials used to keep your watch on you wrist, if that’s where you want to wear it. After all, watches can be worn as pendants and rings and even the traditional pocket watch is making a comeback. Designers also embellish their watches to increase their appeal. Different coloured materials and the addition of gemstones like diamonds add to the glamour and attraction.

For showing off your personality and making you look more glamorous, there is no better accessory than a designer watch. Men generally favour two types of watches – the multi-functional chronograph and the elegant luxury watch with many brands such as Tissot developing watches in both areas. The functional watches are favoured for general wear and for those who like a sporty look. They are usually fairly large watches with a variety of dials and features. The luxury watches are favoured for evening wear and special occasions as they are more sophisticated in appearance and show class.

Women’s watches, too, are made to suit the occasion. There are practical watches for daytime wear and for work, as well as fun watches for party time and watches that ooze elegance and style for those occasions when a touch of glamour is required.

With the variety of beautifully designed watches available, there is one for everyone for every occasion. They are the ideal fashion accessory for men and women and if you want to make a fashion statement nothing says more than a designer watch. You watch will make you feel good and set you apart from the rest.

Functional and attractive, watches are essential additions to any jewellery box. With prices to suit every budget, the watch is a versatile accessory that you cannot be without.

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