Trends to follow while wearing cocktail rings with your outfit

May 7, 2018

Are you someone who has recently inherited few pieces of jewelry, cocktail rings being some of them and you don’t know how to wear them along with matched outfits? Are you looking for some fashion advice on wearing cocktail rings in the best way you can? Well, you’ve clicked on the right post as we’re going to tell you about how you should wear one in the right way.

Opulent luxury cocktail rings are one of the most popular among oversized and big accessories and they become the must-haves of this season. Cocktail rings are the quintessential pieces of fashion accessories. The strong style statement that it creates is making a splash in the fashion industry and they’re here to stay for a long time now. Read on to know about the tips.

#1: Cocktail rings are a style for showing off your personality

When it comes to cocktail rings, there are wide array of styles that you can choose from. Just as there are different elements of the same fashion, the basic rules will also remain same when you select something that is going to suit your personality and show off your strength. It is only when you choose the best one that you can carry it off with ease, no matter which style you choose.

#2: You can go bold with luxury rings

As mentioned above, there are countless styles and designs of cocktail rings from which you can choose. While there are floral rings, antique ones, there are also rings which are inspired by animal designs. If you’re going to wear it during daytime, it is better to try something which is colorful and fun. On the contrary, if you’re looking for something that you can wear for the evening, try out something which makes a style statement. At the evening, you may try out something that’s bold.

#3: Share it on other fingers too

Though you can wear it on your ring finger, you can also dare to move it from the same finger and try them on the other fingers as well. If you check out fashion photos, you will find this look being worn on the middle finger, just as it is work on the index finger. If you care to change the finger for the ring, this will keep adding to the visual interest quotient and will also let you wear your engagement or wedding ring in its normal place. Well, having two big rings on the same hand can be a little uncomfortable, so it might be advisable to pick a small and minimalist wedding band (like mens titanium wedding bands) to complement the presence of the cocktail ring.

#4: Confidence is the key

When you’re wearing a cocktail ring, wear it like you’re meant for it. Although it’s true that cocktail rings are usually worn to lure attention to the hands, they can even be turned to an interesting talking point too. Hence, you require confidence whenever you wear them. Flaunt your ring if you wish to gain attention.

You will come across several fashion accessories stores where they have the best cocktail rings ever. Raid their collection and choose some of the best that complements your personality.

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