Tips for When Wedding Guests Come From Out of Town

September 13, 2016


Weddings are great for bringing together family and friends from far and wide. The chances are that all of your nearest and dearest don’t live just down the road, so when you have your wedding they will need to come from out of town – or maybe even from out of the country.

Those who travel to your wedding go through a lot of effort and expense in order to share in your special day. You want to honour this by helping them to save money on their trip and making them feel welcome when they are there.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you have wedding guests who are coming from out of town.

Notify Your Out of Town Guests as Early as Possible

If you are inviting people who are out of town or out of the country, you should try to let them know the dates of the wedding at the earliest point you can. The earlier you let them know, the more time they have to plan their travels, schedule vacation days, look for cheap flights, save up for the travel and otherwise prepare. Six months of advance notice is the bare minimum, although if you can give a year of notice that would be preferable.

Reserve A Block of Hotel Rooms with a Discounted Room Rate

If you are having your wedding at one of the beautiful hotels in Chester, you can ask for a block of rooms to be reserved at a discount for your out of town guests. Many couples don’t do this, because they are afraid of having to put up a large deposit to hold the rooms. Also, they fear losing that deposit if all of the rooms are not reserved.

However, what you might not know is that you can request a courtesy room block at some hotels, which means that you can get discounted room rates but you don’t have to put down a deposit and you won’t be held responsible for the unused rooms. Many hotels will let you do this, although they will usually only let you block 10 rooms at a time. It’s worth asking whether you can have a complimentary room block rather than a traditional one when you reserve the hotel online.

Put Together a Welcome Pack

When your guests arrive at your wedding you can greet them by giving them a special welcome pack that you have put together. It can include a local travel guide, brochures for local attractions that they might want to visit while they are in your town, travel size toiletries, a sewing kit, sunscreen, coupons for local restaurants, snacks and other little treats. This is a very thoughtful gestures and it will make your guests feel really welcome and at home.

Gather Help From Local Friends and Family

Consult your local friends and family and see who is available to help with the out of town guests. Can someone host some people from out of town in their spare room? Do your local wedding guests have extra seats in their cars to transport out of town wedding guests to and from the wedding and other get-togethers? Does anyone have the time to take the out of town guests on a tour of the city or drive them to some of the best area attractions that they might want to visit during their stay? When everyone pitches together the work of welcoming out of town guests is shared and the guests will have a wonderful and memorable experience.

Acknowledge Them in Your Speech

When you make a speech at the actual wedding, acknowledge your out of town guests separately rather than lumping them in with the general thank you messages. This shows that you really appreciate the effort and expense they made to come to your wedding. It will really mean a lot to them.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make your wedding guests who come from out of town feel more welcome when they arrive at your Cheshire wedding venues. They came from far away to support you on your special day, so making the effort to take care of them is the least you can do!

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