Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

August 20, 2018

When you invest a lot of your money into jewelry, whether that’s from one of your local jewelry stores in Boulder CO, or wherever you are, or you buy an exquisite piece online, you want to make sure that it is going to last for a long time. Unfortunately, many people spend hundreds or even thousands on their jewelry and do not keep the items cleaned or properly stored. If the item then gets broken, they attempt to do the repairs on their own and this can seriously affect the value of the piece that you’re working on currently.

Keeping it Stored Away

When you have good quality jewelry, it is crucial that you keep it stored away so that it is protected. There are actually several benefits to keeping your jewelry stored away. One is because it makes it easier for you to find what you would like to wear. Doing this also keeps the items fully protected so that people do not think to steal it when coming over to your home. Next, it prevents the items from getting broken or tangled, which can have a lasting effect on the overall value of the pieces.

Keeping it Clean

Jewelry also needs to be cleaned from time to time to maintain its luster and sparkle. You should always use a good quality jewelry cleaner to do this so that you do not tarnish or scratch the delicate gold or silver of the item. You should also never over-clean the jewelry as this can turn it green or even ruin the finish on it, especially if it’s plated gold or silver.

Visiting a Jeweler

If your item is broken or damaged in any way, you need to go and visit a jewelry store like Mitchum Jewelers so that you can have the items repaired. The problem is that a lot of people attempt to do their own repair work which is fine if it’s minor, but you should always visit a local jeweler who has the skills and tools necessary to work on finer pieces. They will often hold your jewelry for a day or two while the repairs are being made, so be sure to contact them for additional information.

When you take good care of your jewelry, you’re going to find that it lasts a whole lot longer and provides you with years worth of gorgeous and high quality wear. You should always take these precautions to ensure that your jewelry is in good shape and is free of tangles, damage and isn’t dirty. This way, you can also wear the jewelry knowing that it looks its best and is not looking worn or dirty. You can also visit your local Mitchum Jewelers to find out more about repairing the damage done to a particular item.

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