Many people have cosmetic surgery for many different reasons. Whether you’re having work done on your nose, eyebrows, cheeks or chin, there are some important things to consider before you have your procedure done.


Not everyone has unlimited funds, so cost is an important thing you’ll have to consider being having a cosmetic procedure. It isn’t common to find cosmetic surgery covered on your employee benefits, so make sure you look into it so you’re covered for the whole procedure.

The Surgeon

Finding a qualified surgeon is an important factor when considering cosmetic surgery. Don’t be afraid to shop around a little or visit websites such as, and ask the surgeons questions like:

  • How many surgeries have you performed?
  • Can I speak to some former patients?
  • Can you show me photos of the expected results?
  • Do I even need a surgery at all to get the desired effect?
  • Will I have to stay in the hospital for any length of time?

Basically, any question you can think of that will help you feel at ease about the procedure is fair to ask. Just be up front and open and don’t hold anything back.


Thinking about your expectations for your chosen procedure ahead of time is important, too. If you are expecting perfection from the cosmetic surgery you’re having done, you’ll likely be disappointed. You will notice an improvement in the area you had work on, but it won’t get you that big promotion or create a social life out of thin air or save a bad relationship. It might be true that there are a variety of cosmetic procedures that could make you look younger, but you need to be realistic about the results. It might be a good idea to have a look at or websites of other reputed cosmetic surgery clinics to get an idea of how big a transformation to expect.


With any surgery, there is some degree of risk and most cosmetic surgery is no different. Bleeding and infection are always possibilities, so make sure you talk this aspect over with the surgeon before the surgery is done.

When you have your first consultation, the surgeon should ask you a bunch of questions to determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery. The risks of the surgery should be discussed during that consultation, and he will basically tell you if it’s too risky for you or not. For instance, if you are considering a nose surgery from a top facility, you can search for the same near your location (such as Best Rhinoplasty Vancouver). A top-rated surgeon can resolve your queries in pre-consultation only, like surgery details, eligibility, recovery time, risks, etc.

Recovery Time

Since cosmetic surgery is actually a surgery, you will have some downtime afterward. For example, when a bbl surgery (Brazilian Butt Lift surgery) is performed, patients could expect to undergo two to three weeks of recovery time before returning to most of their daily activities. Also, it might be necessary to wear appropriate garments for at least two to three weeks to reduce swelling and facilitate a quicker recovery. The amount of recovery time will vary depending on the procedure and on how quickly you heal, so make sure you get an estimate beforehand. You may have to book some time off work or take vacation time during the recovery period.

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