The world needs your love – here’s how to express it

October 5, 2016


In today’s world, one of the side effects of technology has manifested itself by isolating us into emotional islands of our own making.

This is a trend that hasn’t escaped the attention of people like Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, as he has started up charities based around the concept of spreading love in a world that needs it badly.

If you are wondering how to use love to make the world a better place, that we have a few ideas below that will enable you to create positive change as easily as making someone smile.

1) Volunteer your time and money to charity

There are many causes out there that need people, but it seems that we are all busier than ever. By volunteering even a few hours of your time per week, you can make a measurable difference in the quality of life in your town or city.

Whether you add another pair of hands to a community clean-up, or to the serving line at a community kitchen, not only will you be helping things go more smoothly, everybody will be happier, from fellow volunteers, to the ones you are helping.

If you legitimately do not have the time to help these organizations, donating a set amount of cash regularly to a charity or set of charities can also make a big difference.

This will enable them to do more good than they currently are able to, as their financial resources will be extended by the help that you provide.

2) Tell people what you like about them often

The daily lives of some people are filled with more emotional deprivation than you might realize. Everyday, they go to jobs where they are chewed out for doing the littlest things wrong, yet when they do great work, their hours of intense research or sweat go unacknowledged by their superiors.

As their co-worker, you know what they are best at, but they might not see it, as much of the feedback that they receive tends to be neutral or negative.

Compliment them on what they do well, and you will give them a boost of confidence and self-assurance that can only brighten their day.

3) Do good deeds without expectation of repayment

There are many ways that we can help people or put a smile on their face, but some hold back from spreading their good will around because they have the misguided notion that when you do a favor for someone, they should pay you back at some point.

Having had their expectations violated in the past, they bristle at the idea of helping others, as they feel that they might be taken advantage of again.

While there are certainly people out there that consciously attempt to leech off the generosity of others (these folks are easy to spot), there are many situations where it would be impractical or effectively impossible for someone to repay you in any meaningful way.

Even if someone could pay you back in some form, the psychic stress created by expecting something in return is akin to playing a game of hot potato. The person that receives the good deed feels an obligation to pay it back as soon as possible, and therefore, cannot enjoy the generosity that has just been bestowed upon them.

When you do things for others, have no expectation of being repaid in any form. Doing this will release you from the animosity that is created when a person does not replicate your good deed with one of their own within a short period of time.

If the recipient of your favor promises to pay you back as soon as possible, tell them to pay it forward instead. Doing this will allow love to increase exponentially, rather than having it stuck in a closed loop system that only serves to create discomfort between both of its participants.

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