The symptoms of a skin allergy are many and can range from being annoying to painful and debilitating, depending on the severity of the allergy. One thing that everyone who suffers from a skin allergy will agree on is how miserable the symptoms make them feel during an allergy attack. Some sufferers are able to control their skin allergy by avoiding a specific allergen whilst others are allergic to a number of things and find it more difficult. If you are one of those unlucky enough to suffer from a skin allergy, here is a list of the top 4 ways to soothe the symptoms during an attack.

  1. The most common symptom of a skin allergy is a rash that is generally red, raised and itchy. This is normally located in the place where the allergen has come into contact with your skin and is caused by your immune system sending histamines to fight off what it has identified as an ‘enemy’. As soon as you see the rash appear you should take a clean wash cloth and gently rinse the affected area with warm water and then pat dry with a clean towel. This will help remove any lingering traces of the allergen and will shorten the time your immune system has something to act against. Do not be tempted to use any soap at this stage as it may make the rash worse, especially if you do not know what exactly caused the skin allergy in the first place.

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