The Stylish Man’s Guide To Wedding Season 2014

November 26, 2014


Yes, it’s that time of year when every one of your friends decides to get hitched all at once – each weekend is a blur of bar tabs, tear-filled speeches and enough cake to feed the whole continent. As with everything worth doing, preparation is the key to breezing through the wedding season looking slick and sophisticated – not stressed and strung out in an ill-fitting tux bought from the bargain bin in haste!

Classic Black Tie

It’s very, very hard to go wrong with a classic men’s black tie – it’s a wedding wardrobe staple that can be used again and again. If you don’t have black tie attire, stop reading this article and run straight out to modern fashion brands like Politix now. Go on then. What are you still doing here?

Got yourself black tie gear? Alright. Seriously, nothing says ‘I’m sophisticated, but I don’t mind the odd party or two’ like a well fitting suit paired with a classy black tie. If you want to emphasise the party element, go with a bow tie. This doesn’t just apply to wedding guests – groomsmen and the groom himself will look sharp and ready for a lifelong commitment (and the short term party antics!).

My Name Is Shawn

Even a good suit and tie can’t overshadow scruffy locks. Get the trim you keep putting off – a shave of that three day (or is it month?) growth wouldn’t go astray either. Remember, keeping it classy isn’t just about what’s below the neck – above needs just as much attention. Especially for the wife-to-be if you’re the lucky groom – saving her from the dreaded pash rash on her wedding day will definitely score you spouse points.

If you really are intent on keeping your long luscious locks, maybe see if a barber can find a way to sleek it back into a ponytail or the popular ‘man bun’ that seems to be a craze with the ladies as of late.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

Shirts and suits no longer have to be the standard black – or if you’re feeling daring, extremely dark grey. Adding a splash of colour to the wedding never hurt anyone, and doesn’t mean you can’t look as sophisticated as the other wedding goers. A slick blue, maroon or even white suit can make a statement without being too overpowering. As an alternative, you can also opt for Custom Suits and have them made by a good tailor. In this case, you would be able to select the style, the quality, and customize the details based on your preferences.

Getting ready for the wedding season now will save you a stressful few months of ill-fitting suits and expensive accommodation – and if you’re the groom, a cranky fiancé running at you alongside a barber and tailor. If you want to look slick, stylish and ready to celebrate, then this guide will be your best friend when going through your wedding prep – all you have to do now is enjoy the free drinks, eat delicious food and start endurance training for all that dancing you’ll be doing!

What are some of your favourite tips to look suave during the wedding season?

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