The Life Of Goldie Hawn

May 20, 2017


The mother of Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn was born on 21, November 1945. The famous 71-year-old bombshell rose to fame in 1968 when she featured on the television show “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in.” She has been the winner of a few awards and has been nominated for a lot of roles. At first, the blonde beauty started her career in dancing, then switched.


Goldie Hawn is known for her loud personality and her humour. In 1968 Goldie featured in the Disney film “One And Only Genuine Original Family Band” where she met her long term husband Kurt Russel. Goldie has always been open about her education and with this she founded the Hawn Foundation to provide educational programs for young kids.

At her age, the actress, director and producer looks gorgeous! Not your typical 71-year-old. She maintains her health by sipping on vegetable based drinks all day. Not only does it make your skin look beautiful but it’s a great way to keep hydrated and is a fantastic detox. The stunner blends 1 apple, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber parsley ad flaxseed oil and it keeps her energised all day!

Hawn hits the road every morning for a run. She needs to have a full sleep session till the morning to keep a healthy mind and have a healthy metabolism.  Her advice to others is to take out 30 minutes of your day to have some time for your daily exercise. The star is very mindful about what she eats and eats very healthy. One of her hobbies is cooking and her favourite technique is the one pot dishes. Simply get a pot and throw in whatever ingredients you would like in it. “Include lots of grains, lean meat and veggies to maintain a balanced diet” says Goldie.

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Goldie Hawn has always been passionate about her big blonde hair! She loves to keep it strong and healthy! And at her age, you can see she’s doing a great job! Last year the actress let out her ultimate secret for keeping away her wrinkles and the two products were Propriety Bisphere and QuSome. The combination of both have Goldie looking like she was 30 years old as it has worked beautifully on her skin.

Goldie Hawn’s latest movies is yet to be released and it is called “Snatched”. In the movie, she plays the mother of Amy Schumer. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Amy decided to get away by taking her mother on vacation. The duo come upon an unexpected adventure while they holiday in South America. 40 years later and Goldie Hawn is still at it!

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