Are you addicted to cosmetics? While it might sound like a silly question, a cosmetics addiction, just like any addiction, can become a serious problem. As with any problem, when you become a “cosmoholic”, the problem can quickly sneak up on you. You might start by attending a makeup party or visiting a booth at your favorite department store, just to end up with a bathroom counter to resembles the retailer’s shelves you frequent on a regular basis to purchase cosmetics that you do not need.

In addition to hoarding your makeup, you may begin to have an unhealthy relationship with your cosmetics and refuse to allow anyone to see you without a completely done-up face. If you ever feel uncomfortable letting your natural face shine through, you may have a beauty addiction. While some may think that taking off the mask and letting people see you without makeup on is far from difficult, for someone with a beauty addiction it can be just as difficult as someone with obsessive compulsive disorder trying to go into an unorganized room and trying to resist the urge to organize it. With some help, a beauty addict can get past their addictions so that they spend less time grooming themselves and more time spending time with the ones they love.

Identify the Real Problem

Beauty addicts may have one or several different problems. Some beauty addicts have a hoarding problem where they will accumulate bins full of cosmetics that they will never be able to use before they expire. The root of the problem may be obsessive-compulsive disorder, where the individual has an obsession to acquire more cosmetics. The root of the problem could also be dysmorphic disorder, where the individual feels a lot of anxiety and can become depressed with the thought of letting go of their makeup collection. Identifying the real problem is important so that the addict can get the help that they need.

Make Sure the Addict Sees There is a Problem

Before any type of addict can get help, they have to acknowledge that there is a problem. If you see that the addict is exhibiting hoarding tendencies, you will need to show the addict how this can become a problem. After all, makeup goes bad and accumulates bacteria, and using old makeup can be unsanitary and lead to health problems. If you can lead with this, the person you love may be more open to hear what you are saying.

When you are helping the person you love get past their addiction, support is extremely important. Understand that throwing away cosmetics or walking down the beauty aisle at the store can cause anxiety. Seek help from professionals and get advice that will help you be a supporter, after all, once the person you love gets past their addiction, you can see their real face and build a stronger relationship.

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This article was written behalf of the Freedom Treatment Center by Jennie, for those looking for help with addiction, click here for more information.

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