Swimming into the Summer with New Swimwear Designs from Projek Raw.

April 29, 2016


It’s always summer somewhere, and if that somewhere happens to be in your mind, then you are certainly going to want to look the part as well.

A plethora of new independent swim brands are inundating the market with energetic graphic prints and colors, elevating the style quotient in and out of the water. But how many can say they cater their style with a specific audience in mind? This is what separates Projek Raw from the rest.

Projek Raw is a brand geared towards customers ranging in age from the early-twenties to early-forties. Their goal was to target a very specific clientele that had been overlooked by the industry. If their new swimwear designs and ideas are a preview for what’s to come, the future definitely looks promising.

Projek Raw strives to echo the personality of the customers who are “living by the pulse of the city”. The echoes of this city are loud and the hot selling brand from Canada is bringing their unique style to the USA. From tropical background prints to trendy striped patterns, Projek Raw is looking to set the standard for men’s swimwear and continue to breathe new life into their own line in the process.

The Infectious Brand Projek Raw was founded in 2001 from the pure desire to design and create original unique free spirited wear. This brand is made for people who are opened minded and want to make themselves known as moving to their own beat. In a society full of varying cultures and independent trends, having a clothing line that speaks in its own language helps gain an advantage on all the rest.

While Projek Raw offers everything from Hoodies to Tanks, their brand new swimwear line unveiled this Spring is introducing swim trunks & board shorts available in 4 way stretch that has the industry talking in circles.

They may have rivals in every market sector, but their overall appeal to the most influential audience in America is their key to stamping the Projek Raw logo all over the map.

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