Safe online mature dating

November 18, 2015


There are many of us in our 50’s who are looking for a partner, whether we have been divorced, lost our spouse or simply never really found the right person. And whilst dating using digital methods feels safer as it often supplies us with more information about our future date; meeting up with potential strangers isn’t without its risks. There are however a few things we can do to make our internet date safer.

An enjoyable date

The Internet has been a big boon when it comes to dating options. It doesn’t matter where you are from, Georgia or Texas, if you have one of those reliable Texan or Atlanta internet plans and a working computer, you have the option to search the wider pool. Dating apps are not just for the young, but mature singles can also take advantage of them to find love. However, you cannot wholly trust the internet to meet your new favorite person, you should use it cautiously. Dating in our mature years should be enjoyable, and it feels a lot better when we do it safely. Following a few safety guidelines will empower us as a person, making us feel more confident about dating. Once we are safe and we realise that there are like-minded people out there looking for the same thing we are, we understand that online dating can indeed be a good option for mature people looking to find the right soulmate.

Spotting fake profiles, scammers and liars.

Mature dating sites are often the best places to find like-minded singles who are searching for companionship. By being critical whilst going through people’s online profiles, we can easily find out who is lying and who is truthful. If the profile picture looks like a professional model with an absence of background, there is a high chance that this is not the person’s real picture. So if the picture and the description look and sounds too perfect, then it is most likely to be a fake profile.

Taking the time to exchange a few communications can help us to determine if the person is genuine, or if there are too many discrepancies in their stories. Also, anyone asking for money (E.g. they need money for their transport) is also a definite no-go. The basic idea behind looking at online dating profiles is to take our time and make sure we obtain all the information we need to make a sound decision. In some cases people are on mature dating sites to meet milfs and other older people, so you need to figure out if you want to fall into this category and are happy to do so before proceeding with certain conversations.

Talking to the people we know

Communicating what we do to the people we know is one of the best safety precautions we can take. Showing the online profiles we are interested in to our friends and family will allow them to give us a second opinion. This can be very valuable as we are often using our emotions more than our logic when looking for love, which can lead to us missing out on important details. However, some people may be using a Local sexfinder app to hookup instead of date which may make them worried to say anything to their family or friends. It is best to confide in at least one friend so you are being safe, no matter what you are looking for online.

Once we have arranged a meeting, getting a friend or relative to drive us to our date and pick us up after is one of the best safeguards we can take. That way, our future date knows that we are not alone and vulnerable; and making them know we will get that lift back might stop a few badly intentioned people to meet up with us.

Another good dating practice is to keep a mobile phone and call our friends or family every hour or so, just to let them know our date is going well. This is the best way to let our surroundings know we are doing ok, and once again it will serve as a deterrent to our date in case they have any other misplaced intentions.

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