Revlon lip products have all been exciting enough to make people try this one as well. The news from the brand, without a doubt, are getting all the attention each time. As for the ColorStay specification, this one was not a total novelty, since the Ultimate Suede Lipsticks also featured that. The product comes in 20 appealing shades, natural-looking and translucent when applied, which is rather surprising.


ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick


Shea butter and aloe are being advertised as two basic ingredients, said to promote instant moisture and a suede finish. The design of the lipstick itself is a flat angle, which makes it quite easy to apply without a brush. Besides, it is sleek and creamy, which helps it slide well over the surface of the lips. Nevertheless, the texture is bound to chance once the product sets in. Therefore, it is advisable to decide to buy one only after a complete test, to see if the outcome is what you really want it to be. To some, the result may feel to sticky or dry.

As for the all-day color promise, as you can all imagine, it is not a very realistic thing. The lipstick does wear off sooner than that. It can survive a meal, but that depending on what exactly you eat. The good part is that the color remains fresh even as it begins to wear off. Brightness, however, lasts for only a couple of hours.

‘Backstage’ is a totally enrapturing shade, an enticing mix between deep red and berry. It looks very opaque and dark in the tube, but the result is far from that. As this can be very misguiding, everyone should do a test on their own skin (lips, preferably) to see what the real shade is like. As for the lighter ones, ‘Socialite’ seemed like a delicious one – peachy, natural, joyful. It enhances the lip color and has a matte but luminous finish. ‘Iconic’ is a similar shade, but with tiny golden shimmer and a rosier base color. It is fairly easier to wear one such shade than the dark ones, because the dark require well-moisturized lips all the time and emphasize the contours. The lipstick itself doesn’t do much to moisturize.

The lipstick goes smooth and adds very little shine. A good blending is required, so that it doesn’t gather into the lip lines. Concerning the lightness of the product, it much resembles the Lip Butters. It barely has any thickness, which takes it away from the palette of traditional lipsticks. When it begins to set, it becomes rather sticky, and when it’s dry it feels like a lip stain. Although ‘Ultimate Suede’ points to the beloved Revlon matte lipsticks collection, this one is rather different from what is expected. Looks and behaves better in a lip gloss combination, so don’t be afraid to add that over. Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick reveals its true nature on the lips, and it is quite different from what you see on the container – not so matte and bold, and certainly more translucent than initially believed.

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