Plus Size Fashion Tips on Trendy Looks for Work

April 1, 2014



Dressing for work can be difficult for anyone, and plus sized ladies might feel that their task is even more challenging. On top of not wanting to look frumpy, they also want to look professionals and trendy. What are some tips that can really help them to achieve these fashion goals?

Thoughts of Shoes

Simply thinking about the types of shoes needed for work can be enough to make a plus sized woman’s head spin. Ladies should not feel that they must wear heels to work. Doing so can be painful and aggravating for larger women especially. Instead, boots or flats are appropriate.

As long as they are of the formal variety, these types of shoes can go just as well with a pair of black slacks as can high heels. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also provide the support necessary during a long day of work.

Shirt Endeavors


Opting for classy and appropriate shirts from a trendy establishment, such as designer fashion for full-figured ladies at Navabi, ensures that the shirts are the right match. Button-downs are definitely the friend of professional ladies. Selecting the right size is not difficult if women are sure to take the appropriate measurements. These shirts are sleek and chic, and they definitely give off that business vibe.

Furthermore, they are appropriate for underneath a blazer. In some professions, women might have to wear a blazer on a regular basis to ensure that they are meeting the dress code standards.

What to Do About Pants

Some plus sized ladies seem to have given up on pants. They assume that they are never going to find a pair that fits, and they just wear baggy styles all of the time. These pants are not only unattractive, but baggy pants are generally not suitable for the work environment.

Choosing black, pinstriped, grey or khaki pants is usually fine, and these are definitely some trendy styles. They could have a slight bootcut or flare at the bottom, but it should not be excessive. As long as the pants are the right fit, they will look neat and tidy but not sloppy.

Dresses for Work

Ladies can also choose dresses for work. Having a strong pair of control top pantyhose is quite important. Some dresses do hide the stomach-area quite well, but others need a little bit of help. Women should absolutely be careful with the length of the dress. Anything too far above the knee is really not appropriate for the work environment.

When women are sitting or bending, they should not experience any wardrobe malfunctions. Choosing a dress from a plus size designer is the best way to protect against these type of happenings in the office.

For The Colder Weather

When it is chilly in the office or outside, full-figured women might be tempted to throw on a bulky sweatshirt. Usually, this is not appropriate for the work place, and it also makes them appear larger. Plenty of plus size designers make nice button-down sweaters and cardigans. These definitely create a polished look with clean lines, so they are usually appropriate for the workplace. Part of looking great at work involves not coming off as sloppy. When big and baggy clothes are selected, that sloppy vibe comes into play on a regular basis.

Looking trendy at work does not have to be this great and terrifying challenge for full-figured women. When they are picking out their clothes for the office, they can keep these tips in mind to ensure that they always look both stylish and beautiful.


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