Online dating dos and don’ts which you should know of – How to stay aware of scams

June 11, 2016


So, would you like to meet someone online and think of getting hitched? Well, that’s indeed a good move that makes you proactive and forward-thinking. But you need to be careful enough so that you’re not forced to repeat the habits that will undermine your entire experience of online dating. Dating online can be exciting for people and sometimes lead to an in-person interaction which can be intriguing but also a little worrying for those who are new to the whole scene and want to feel confident. One way of doing this is by researching key phrases like “what colors should I wear for attraction?” “what are pheromones and how can I use them?” “Should I expect anything on the first date?” so you can be as prepared as possible when the day eventually comes and it doesn’t shy you away from online dating in the future. Online dating is currently the second-most common ways in which couples meet each other, with 30-40% trying some 1,500 services from websites to apps. If you’re single but you don’t want to be, you shouldn’t shun off digital dating. However, in order to avoid spending time aimlessly clicking on profiles, you need to have a game plan which is full-proof. The concerns of this article have to do with the tips that you should follow during online dating. Read on if you think you don’t have enough knowledge.

  • Don’t be too excited with pictures: While you’re trying to make a match online, you tend to become too nitpicky about maintaining some really high expectations. Nowadays there are apps like Tinder and with their help you can easily judge the users just as you were scrolling down through Amazon to choose the best pair of speakers. If you earnestly want to create a strong connection with someone, who will love you, you’ll need to bring forth the most empathetic self in front of the users. Don’t behave in such a way with your partner which would be even unlikely offline.
  • Going out of town and out of reach: A guy might drop in a message in your inbox asking you for a coffee date but when you ask him about the time and date later on, you might find him saying that he won’t be in town for the next few days. If you tell a girl that you’re going out of town, this gives the impression that you might be dating and chatting with other girls elsewhere. By the time your date comes, she might have lost all interest in you. Hence if you’re not available within a week of sending the message, make sure you don’t send the message at all.
  • Don’t be obsessed about details: Don’t try to be too watchful about the particulars like the bars, restaurants, books, movies which are liked by a potential date. Instead of that, be considered about some broader questions like whether or not he lives in the same city, whether or not he is a reader, whether or not he is intelligent and things like these. Don’t become consumed with the idea that someone these corresponds to all your preferences and tastes. You will most likely pass over the profile of people who can actually make you happy. Be aware of them.

There are times when we get too tired of dating, so much so that we just want to be done with it and then rush to forming a relationship. But remember that getting too attached too soon is yet another worst thing which can happen to a new connection. It can be tough when you badly want to find one but knowing a new person takes patience and time.

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