My Partner Said Yes, and I Am Stressed

October 21, 2016


Well, once we say yes when asked “Will you marry me?”, the fun has only begun. Once the initial excitement of the marriage of your dreams is upon you, reality will soon follow and with this reality comes the realization that there is a tremendous amount of work that lies before the big day and honeymoon if you two have decided to take that special trip after your wedding.

If you have recently asked your partner for marriage, or are close to asking, now is the perfect time to start the preparations for that special day.

This is the time that you and your partner need to stay focused on the task at hand which is proper planning of your wedding events. From notifying the members of each family, deciding on a date, the wedding location, and who to invite is only the beginning of the planning stages! Do not let your pride and ego interfere with this stage of your new life adventure, look for and graciously receive the help that is available.

In life are most valuable asset is experience, so utilize those who have the experiences of weddings, both good and bad experiences, to help you plan the day of your dreams to help eliminate any unexpected last minute challenges.


One of the biggest challenges facing a bride is who to select as bridesmaids. We stress over who to pick typically because we are concerned about what those whom we don’t choose will think of us. Fear not, with the right support system in place your choices will not be that difficult. On the other hand, once those selections have been made, and the time comes to decide on what to wear for the big day, now those decisions are stressful! We all want to look like a million dollars on wedding day yet many of us are on a budget, including your special bridesmaids. There are many companies dedicated to assisting you with the selection of affordable wedding day attire, such as as it is not necessary to spend thousands on wedding day attire and look fabulous.

The last thing you should want is to conclude your wedding and honeymoon and be so strapped in debt that you are stuck eating microwaveable meals for the next couple of years. The honeymoon can be overtly costly if you want it to be just as it can be fit to your budget so that you are not filling your freezer weekly with 5 for $5 meals.

There are plenty of affordable honeymoon choices available to you and your significant other as long as you put some time and effort into researching your options. You can visit some of the most beautiful places on earth on a budget as you embrace this new phase of your life with your partner. With some proper thought and planning by you both well in advance of wedding day you both can rest assured that your special day will be enjoyed by all and you will not have to stress over how long it will take to pay for it.


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