Motherhood 101: How To Choose A Quality Baby Carrier

April 4, 2014



Baby carrier is very useful for busy parents because it allows them to do multi-tasking while ensuring the comfort of the baby. Carriers has wide varieties of styles from front packs to slings to stretchy wraps to backpacks not only leave your hands and arms free to get things done but also to help fulfill a baby’s need for movement and touch.

Figure Our Your Physical Needs

1. You must decide who will be the frequent user of the carrier. Men often find it easier to use outward-facing frontpacks or backpacks carriers while many moms want to use the inward-facing front packs for their ease in and out of the house.

2. You must choose a comfy and relaxing carrier. No matter what kind of carrier you choose, be sure to do a test run around the store with either with your baby or with a copycat of a doll. The baby carrier’s cloth must be soft and non-chafing, the structure must be light enough to carry easily and the straps and baby seat should be padded.

3. You must choose a carrier that will cater your baby’s growth like his motor skills. Slings and stretch wrap are flexible and accommodating, but there are infant carriers that have upper weight limit and may not adjust to let baby sit up or hold up her head.

4. You must check with US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website for the information needed when buying a carrier.

How to Choose the Type of Carrier

5. You must consider baby sling if you have a premature baby and/or breastfeeding. It allows your baby to be caressed close to your body in various positions, easily adjustable to fit even the smallest of babies and provide bets privacy for public feedings. It is very useful for premature babies because from the way a sling swaddles tightly it moves with the rhythm of your body and gives her a chance to be comfort by the sound of your heartbeat.

6. Front pack carrier is for older babies because it offers them many different views of the surrounding. He can be flipped inward toward your chest while sleeping or careful or face the world head-on when you carry him with his back to your stomach.

7. If you family are outdoorsy and active, it is very important to have a backpack carrier. These carriers are designed for babies who can sit up without help.  They are light which has tubular framework with a fabric seat in which your baby can sit upon your shoulders. Most of the backpack carriers or baby wrap are for hiking and it has small storage spaces for snacks and other baby things.

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