How the Right Clothing Can Improve Your Running

March 3, 2014


For those serious about participating in sport, whether it is football, cycling, running or any other athletic endeavour, wearing the correct clothing is highly important. Along with cycling, running is perhaps the most vital activity for which to get the sportswear right. Here are five reasons why.

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Protection against the Elements
One variable which can never truly be planned for ahead of a training session is the weather. With the elements possessing an uncanny knack of being able to change from warm sunshine to heavy rain in an instant, it can often be an almost impossible choice of what to wear. Some of the best clothing available today, such as the Gore running range, uses the layer technique to take into account all weather conditions. The outer layers protect against the weather, while the inner layers look after body temperature and moisture loss.

Total Comfort
It may seem like an obvious statement but complete comfort is essential if you are to perform at your absolute best when running. Any small discomfort or little niggle can distract you from your ultimate goals and find you performing under-par, so a selection of innovatively designed clothing which fits you perfectly is important.

The stresses and strains that can affect your body while out running can also apply to your clothing. This is certainly one area where it is advisable to push your budget as far as it will go, as investing in high-quality sportswear will most definitely benefit you in the long run. After all, you don’t want clothing that is going to fall apart after only a few wears.

Personal Satisfaction
Apart from the physical benefits afforded to you by top-quality sportswear that is hard-wearing, comfortable and protective, just the very fact that you know you are sporting a top brand can provide your mind with a boost. Running, as with most sports, is as much a battle of the mind as it is a physical exertion. The clearer and calmer your mind beforehand, the better your performance will be when you undertake your run. Personal pride in your appearance is just one step on the road to a clear and totally focused attitude.

Of course, while all of the reasons listed above for choosing the right sportswear when running are equally important, without a regular, planned training routine you are never going to attain your goals, however reachable you may have set them. Take a look at your general technique and see which areas you can improve on. The right posture is paramount, so hold your head high and look straight ahead, not at the ground. Other things to look out for are correct breathing and proper foot-strike on the ground.

All athletes want to continually progress and improve their personal bests. Planning a proper training regimen is just one way of achieving your goals. Wearing professional and high-quality sportswear, such as that available in the Gore running range, is another.

Steve Reed has been writing on the subject of sport and sportswear for many years and has had articles appear on a range of websites, blogs and in printed publications. He has long been an advocate of using the correct sportswear, such as that available from suppliers such asĀ

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