How Real Trendsetters Make Ways to Salvage Fashionable Items

September 21, 2019

Resourcefulness is one of the qualities of a trendsetter in fashion. These people do not settle for dumping old stuff to replace it with a new one to be on-trend. Maximising what is left and thinking of ways to salvage the remaining functional portions are what trendsetters usually do. Through these methods, they achieve a level of satisfaction that enhances their creative skills and fashion sense, which are essential qualities of a real trendsetter.

Assess the defect or damage

Assessing if there is a defect or damage is the first step to take in trying to save an item. It can be a ripped part in a piece of clothing or a broken zipper on a bag. Knowing the state of these items will help a trendsetter determine what particular solution to apply for them to be usable in the future. If the status of such an item is far from being repaired or salvaged, by way of assessing, parts of it may be kept for future use and other purposes.

Replace parts

One of the perks of fashion is no one can question the form, material, and packaging of products to make it a trend. Who has not seen shoes of a known brand with shoelaces of different colours? Or who would notice a strap replacement for a high-end timepiece which still appears like the original one with the help of This tactic will not only maximise the look of a particular item up for replacement of parts but will also preserve the item itself for more prolonged use.


Recycle for other use

In fashion, the use of cloth or fabric remnants is widespread, especially if these are of high-quality and with astounding colours. Also, they can be used as patches for ripped jeans or torn bags. Recycling of materials for other use is one of the million options of trendsetters to recreate items with high-fashion sense. The use of these recycled materials can also produce original creations like how renowned designers did as starters. Through recycling, there can be no limit in redesigning new fashionable items, and no extra money will be wasted in creating fabulous fashion pieces.

Make a new fashion statement

Since fashion is a free flow of ideas, who knows what damaged or defective items will be the trend tomorrow? This is the challenge that true trendsetters face and why they choose to recreate the ripped, torn, or faded stuff instead of throwing it away. Besides, every day is a chance to make a fashion statement that does not necessarily require a high level of expertise and a considerable amount of money.

There is no past, present, nor future in fashion. Ultimately, sticking to its rules – maximising what materials are available, discovering textures and colours, and highlighting both the outfit or accessory and the wearer, can produce an artistic output. Aside from being resourceful, patience and creativity are also essential to be a true trendsetter.





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