Hampers for Every Occasion

November 13, 2016


Let’s be honest receiving or giving a gift has become quite a task what with trying to find the perfect gift yet still remain original and unique, and give a gift that will get you remembered. Consider giving a gift hamper, beautifully presented in a stunning leatherette box.

The easiest way to shop for hampers has to be by shopping online, this gives you access to shops all over the world! Or you may simply decide to keep it local you will still find the perfect hamper.

Going Shopping

There is a lot of online shops offering hampers, but let’s have a look at the hampers offered on giftsdirect. This is an Irish Company and there is a focus on Irish goods in their hampers. In case you don’t know Irish fare is delicious and only the best brands go into these hampers. Here are the categories for choosing hampers on this site:

  • Irish Food Hampers
  • Alcohol-Free Hampers
  • Chocolate Hampers
  • Hampers to Australia and New Zealand
  • Hampers to USA and Canada
  • Hampers Worldwide
  • Pamper Hamper

That is quite a list but let’s focus on the Irish Food Hampers, the first one I wish to mention is the Guinness Hamper, Irish through and through, and funnily enough, they are made up of actual name brand chocolates and the like, no Guinness to drink in sight. Inside one of these beautifully presented Guinness boxes you will find the following:

  • Guinness Chefs Apron and Oven Glove
  • 2 Glorious Guinness coffee mugs
  • Guinness Fudge box
  • Guinness chocolate slabs, milk chocolate, truffle bar and caramel bar.

A glorious gift for the die-hard Guinness fan in your life.

The Irish Food Hampers

All of the Irish food hampers are packed in wicker baskets which is a great idea as they can be used for many things, picnic, shopping are just two ideas that come to mind. Without going into detail as there are a lot of these particular hampers, I will mention a few of the names the best option is to go to the site and look at the hampers offered at giftsdirect.

  • The Grand Irish Gourmet Hamper
  • Traditional Irish Feast Hamper
  • The Taste of Ireland Hamper

The names alone conjure up images of delicious feasts.

The Pamper Hamper

A Pamper Hamper is exactly what it says, a hamper of goodies to spoil that special person in your life, and why not they deserve it. These hampers are for men or women. They consist of luxury bath and shower gel, scented candles, decadent boxes of chocolates. Of course, you can get wine and champagne and a whole assortment of items. Once again it is best to go online and have a look for yourself. The presentation of the pamper hamper is also unique; it is packed in a leatherette box.

Once you have had a look at giftsdirect, you will find that they are very much your go-to site for gift hampers.

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