Gospel for Asia – Using Christian Values to Change Lives

October 5, 2016


There have been some incredible charitable efforts in the last 30 years to help those who are facing a life of poverty to lift themselves out of their situation. These people did not choose this life, they simply lost the geographical lottery, thankfully there are currently hundreds of charitable organizations that have been set up in an effort to rid the World of this awful plight. One such charity that has been doing great work for over 30 years across the Asian continent is Gospel for Asia, they work in the poorest parts of the continent sending out missionaries to educate, offer healthcare and deliver meals to this unfortunate enough to be living in poverty. The organization does this through Christian values, the following mission statement details what the organization believes and can be found on the Gospel for Asia website:

Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and to fulfill the Great Commission among the unreached in Asia through training, sending out and assisting qualified laborers in partnership with the Body of Christ.”

This brilliant and generous charity have been growing year on year in their efforts to reach Asia’s poorest and here are the countries in which they are currently operating in:

  • Thailand

  • Myanmar

  • India

  • Cambodia

  • Bangladesh

  • Laos

  • Nepal

  • Sri Lanka

  • China

  • Bhutan

Gospel for Asia are looking at branching out into every country across Asia in order to help people out of poverty.

The organization uses several different ‘ministries’ that each have a focus on a particular problem that is related to poverty and here are just some of the missions that they are operating at the moment.

Leprosy Ministry

Unfortunately, in the poorer parts of Asia, leprosy is still rife, the sad thing is that if caught early, it is a highly treatable and curable disease yet many of those who contract the disease have no access to healthcare. What Gospel for Asia does in their efforts to end leprosy is 2-fold, they offer support and healthcare to sufferers of the illness and the educate those in the communities on how to avoid the contraction of leprosy and what to do if they do contact the illness.

Bridge of Hope Project

The Bridge of Hope project is aimed at children who are stuck facing a life of poverty, this project works with over 75,000 children and provides them with daily meals and free healthcare. This project also seeks to educate Asia’s children in numeracy, literacy and Christianity in an effort to teach them strong morals and give them a chance to work their way out of poverty.

Slum Ministry

Living un the slums is a tough life, alcohol and drug addiction is everywhere, clean water is near impossible to come by and infections are regularly contracted and rapidly passed around those who live there. What the Slum Ministry does is offer free healthcare which treats the sick and offers in depth education about the dangers of addiction and infections such as AIDS, the ministry also seeks to educate those who live in the slums so that they can learn skills that can help them to get a job and change their lives.

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