Gift Ideas for Friends With a Summer Birthday

June 28, 2017


When it comes to a friend’s birthday, sending a good happy birthday message might not be enough. You have to find them the perfect gift and celebrate the day. And there’s no better time to celebrate than on the actual day. Of course, for those with summer birthdays, that often happens to fall on a great bright day where everybody can enjoy the outdoors! With this in your mind, below is a great list of top gift ideas for summer birthdays.

A Beach Towel

A classic, and an idea that is often forgotten. A beach towel or one of those sustainable sand free towels can be a great gift idea for a summer birthday recipient who enjoys the water and the beach, and if they hate sand then they are in luck if you go for the sand repellent towel. Instead of getting a plain one, think about their style and check out the Groupon Coupons page for Buckle to make sure you get one that matches their style.

Custom Koozie

Can coolers (aka Koozies), are incredibly useful for keeping your hands warm and your drinks cold, for identifying your drink when everyone is drinking the same 12-pack, and for showing off your creative side when you Make Your Own Koozie. Even if your giftee is not much of a Koozie fan, this compact can cooler will never be a burden. In fact, as a summer birthday gift, it will be incredibly thoughtful.

Customized Quilt

For the summer, you could give them a personalized lightweight cooling quilt. It could be a good weight for layering on a cool summer night. You can use their cotton t-shirts, which they probably don’t wear anymore, to make a quilt. You can either search the web for DIY t shirt quilt ideas or send them to a company that can stitch and make a customized t-shirt quilt for you.

Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Wireless speakers are a great idea for somebody who enjoys taking their music outdoors, especially to enjoy the beach during the summer months. Take a look online for reviews on some of the more suitable options and one that includes features they will use. For example, look for one that can function with their phone’s digital assistant to make the speaker even more useful to them.

Pool Toys!

If your friend has a summer birthday then there is a good chance that many of their childhood birthdays were spent at the local pool. Now that they are older they have a pool of their own, which means pool toys! Instead of getting a standard inflatable boat, search online for fun and quirky pool toys that match their interests and hobbies. Cartoon themed and shaped toys make a great gift and great excellent use.


A nice pair of shades is a great gift for somebody who is about to spend a lot of time out in the sun. if course, if you have seen them checking out a pair recently this is the perfect opportunity to get the right paid. However, if you are struggling to find a pair of sunglasses that you are sure they will love, this is an acceptable instance for you to give them a gift card to a local sunglasses store. If possible, take them out shopping for the day and give them the gift card at the start so you can both find a pair together.

Outdoor Drink and Food Cooler

There’s nothing worse than drinking warm pop on the beach because you ran out of ice. Camping stores have a great selection of battery powered coolers that you can buy for your friend to keep a small selection of their drinks cold on the beach or as they are out enjoying the summer weather. If they take lots of road trips, look for a cooler that they can plug into their car’s outlet to stay charged and give them ice cold drinks as they drive.

There are so many great ideas for summer birthday gifts that they won’t all fit in an article, but the items in this list are a great place to start!

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