If you have curly hair then you know that taking care of it calls for rather different techniques and products than your straight-haired counterparts use. However many curlies make the same mistakes over and over again, out of habit, that is damaging their hair and preventing them from getting the perfect curls they want so badly. This might leave someone with naturally curly hair wondering how to style naturally curly hair to a desired curly and not damage it? It is a possible task once bad hair damaging habits are removed from your routine. Here are some of the worst of those habits that if you have them you should give up right away:

Washing Every Day – Washing your hair every day is just bad for it. End of story. Curly haired people naturally have drier hair and so stripping it of some of those precious oils every day, washing them away down the drain, is crazy.

The problem is that many people hate the idea of dirty hair and believe that washing every day is a must. It is not, even if you have a lighter hair color that looks dirtier faster.

However hard it is try to let at least a day pass between washes and if necessary invest in a good dry shampoo if you are worried about your hair’s freshness.

Using Harsh Permanent Hair Color – Curly hair absorbs more color than other hair types and so if you use a chemical laden, harsh permanent hair color it will suffer more damage as well. A better alternative is a demi permanent color treatment. It lasts longer than a semi permanent solution and can be found in brighter and deeper colors but it lacks a lot of the harsh chemicals that a permanent treatment does so will not kill your curls!

Skipping a Trim When Trying to Grow Your Hair – Anyone who has ever tried to grow out curly hair knows it can be a long and often frustrating process. Therefore the idea of even losing half an inch can be one that horrifies you.

Skipping a trim is not going to help your hair grow faster though and doing so may even impede its growth. Split ends also look dreadful and weight curly hair down so even if your hair is getting longer it won’t look as good as it could. Make a point of visiting your hairdresser about once every 6-8 weeks just to keep those ends neat and in order.

Not Deep Conditioning Regularly – If you are very busy (and who isn’t?) it can be very tempting to cut a few corners and one of those might be a weekly deep conditioning treatment because they take so long. This can be a big mistake though. Curly hair, any type of curly hair, needs deep conditioning. It keeps curly hair healthier and strong and really does help keep those dreaded frizzies at bay.

Brushing Instead of Combing – Brushes, even very high quality ones, and curly hair simply do not mix. A brush’s bristles tend to expand the hair shaft which will loosen your curls and give them a rather unattractive rough look.

Bio: Elena has been fascinated with hair care since she was a child. As an adult she enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge with others through her writing. You can read more of Elena’s advice at haircolorsideas.org

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