Energy-Boosting Nutrition Strategies

October 1, 2016


There is an energy crisis in the world – and we are not talking about natural resources. We all want to feel well-rested, alert, and energetic, but for many this is more like a dream than reality. As productive, busy people with stressful lifestyles who sometimes have little quality sleep and very poor eating habits, it is no surprise so many of us feel drained.

We all know that exercise, stress management, and getting at eight hours (or more) of sleep are critical for fighting fatigue. Our eating habits can also directly affect our energy. Taking charge of our nutrition is a great way to feel more energetic, every day.

1. Eat nutrient-dense foods

Optimal energy metabolism requires an abundance of and minerals and vitamins. If we don’t get enough nutrients from foods, we feel tired and sluggish. The best way to fight this is to choose foods that have dense nutrition in each calorie. These include beans, nuts, vegetables, seeds, fruits, whole grains, and lean animal proteins. Avoid fried and fatty foods, refined bread, sweets and processed foods because these give us lots of calories with little nutrition.

2.Make breakfast a priority

It’s easy to skip breakfast and it can save us calories, it hurts our efforts in the long run. A good breakfast gets your metabolism working, and it helps you from over indulging at lunch or dinner. If you’re short on time, nutritional supplements and meal replacement shake could be what you need to get a kick-start each morning. Le-Vel reviews highlight the great flavors along with the increase in energy and wellness clients have when using this product.

3. Look for foods high in antioxidants

Antioxidants help to remove chemicals that tax our system and cause fatigue and lead to illness. Fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants in a way that processed food will never come close to what you’ll get from whole food.

4. Power to the omega-3s

Studies show that diets that are high in omega-3 fats help to improve mood, memory, and thinking, which are all related to focus and energy. Try to eat an excellent source of omega-3 fats at least once a day: flax seeds, flax oil, fish, hemp seeds, hemp oil, leafy greens (think big salad), or walnuts are all great and easy to eat daily. You can also consume different types of fishes, such as salmon and mackerel, to increase your omega fatty acid intake. Alternatively, you could take them in the form of supplements. You could check out the articles similar to those found at Clean Wellness to learn more about its benefits.

5. Ditch the diet

Seriously skimping on calories is ultimately why dieters often feel lethargic. As metabolism slows due to low caloric energy, the body burns even fewer calories, and it leads to a slower rate of weight loss.

To keep your energy levels high and your metabolism working hard be sure to consume calorie needs each day.

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