Dressing for the Outdoors – Active Wear for Summer

October 24, 2014


Summer is here and it is the season for barbecues, trips to the beach and long lazy walks in the country. Summer is all about the outdoors – soaking up some rays and making the most of the good weather. Outdoor activities are the best way to enjoy the season so make sure your gear doesn’t let you down.


Footwear – forget the stereotypical ‘jesus sandal’; summer footwear has had a makeover.  Sandals are notoriously flimsy and nobody’s first thought for practical active wear, not least because leather straps respond poorly to heat and moisture. Enter the Ad Scarp Sandal.  This high tech sandal features adjustable straps and a ‘toe bumper’ for protection in rougher terrain. They are moulded for support and feature shock absorption technology, making then perfect for a summer hike. Made of breathable mesh and water friendly material, the Ad Scarp Sandal is a fantastic alternative to heavy hiking boots in the summer. Check out the Regatta Outlet for styles and information.

Outerwear – unfortunately summer jackets rarely provide much by way of protection of practicality. A cotton or denim jacket might be stylish, but for active adventure holidays they leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, protective active wear is now lightweight and stylish, featuring high tech fabrics and cutting edge design. Opt for a jacket with “SunShade” technology, featuring sun protection factors ranging from twenty to forty, and search for Isotex fabrics; these special fabrics are both waterproof and breathable, giving protection against the elements that is perfect for warmer weather. Opting for styles that feature underarm zipped vents makes protective outerwear even more practical for the summer. Don’t be fooled by warm weather and good forecasts – wind chill factor when high up can make even the warmest temperature seem frigid, and without proper waterproof protection, a summer storm can put a serious dampener on any activity.

Special Clothing – If you are heading out to do more extreme sports this summer, make sure you research the correct equipment and go prepared. Whether it is base layers for summer snowboarding or wetsuits for catching some waves and practicing your surfboarding skills, some activities need specialist clothing.

Having the right gear will ensure that your action packed summer lives up to its potential – don’t be caught out by believing the summer needs less preparation than the less clement months. Get kitted out and have a summer to remember!

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