Dress to thrill on a first date

October 25, 2014


Dress to thrill on a first dateHaving the right kind of attire for a first date is very important in order to create the right impression. For most men, choosing an appropriate outfit is often an emotional and nerve-wrecking journey. These feelings are intensified when you are about to go on a date with the girl you have dreamed of dating for a really long time. A guy showing up in wrinkly shirts and half torn jeans is not what would impress a woman. Of course, girls don’t expect guys to wear a designer suit but it needs to be visible that he has made an effort to dress up and that he cares about his looks. Moreover, if he knows he is dressed well, he will appear to be more confident and relaxed. So what should you and shouldn’t you wear on a first date?

If you haven’t been in the dating arena for some time, you may have to refresh your wardrobe. You could opt for skirts or slacks and tops that are fairly casual but still look smart and are something that is in fashion at that time. Unless you are interested in attracting a partner who wears clothes that are out of fashion, it is best to stick to the current trends. A simple jeans and t-shirt doesn’t usually do the trick unless you have an exceptionally good figure that makes you look great in a jeans and t-shirt. Choose something that you have worn before and are comfortable in. Neatness and cleanliness are two important things that women look for in men so make sure your clothes are neat and clean to express respect and the ability to take care of yourself.

Avoid wearing tops that are too tight and show too much of cleavage because such tops go under the slutwear category for most men. Even though cleavage is sometimes considered an accessory, on a first date, it is simply not appreciated. If your wardrobe consists of only work-wear and exercise clothes, you may have to shop for some accessories like belts, shoes and other jewellery. If you are not the kind to know what would go well with an outfit, ask a stylish friend to help you out. Match your outfits to the venue of your date. Don’t wear a suit to a music concert or a rock t-shirt to a fine dining restaurant. As for colours, stick to earthier tones like blues, blacks, browns or a beige. Your dressing should also depend on the weather conditions. Just because it is cold, wearing a nice jacket is not enough. You should be smart enough to know that at some point you will be taking off your jacket and then your shirt will show. A woman is also very particular about the shoes you wear and as for jewellery, the lesser the better.

Preparing for your first date is like preparing for a work event. Choose your outfit at least one day in advance, be there on time, be willing to listen to her, try to limit your talking and finally, be a gentleman and pay the bill!

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