Dress For Success In Your Career

December 7, 2017

The rising popularity of ‘business casual’ dress codes in the workplace has made staying stylish at work increasingly complicated for men. While it may have been commonplace to wear your smartest suit to work in the good old days, today’s offices are rife with fashion crimes. If you’re a man who wants to dress for success but doesn’t know where to start, use this guide for some quick and easy ideas.

Aim High

If you’re unsure of how to approach the dress code at your new workplace, stay safe by aiming high with a smart suit rather than dressing down. Even if you look a little overdressed to begin with, you’ll be demonstrating to your employer that you sincerely care about the job and want to make a good impression. You can buy suits online at a good price – just make sure you get the right fit to stand out in the right way.

Unless you’re interviewing for a job at a very casual establishment or in a laid back industry, you should assume that a suit will make for appropriate interview attire. This is particularly true if the job is situated in the corporate world. Even if the position in question is fairly junior, a suit sets the tone for the rest of your career. It shows the employer that you’re ambitious, confident, and ready to tackle the professional world. When you visit the office for the interview you may also have the opportunity to glance around the office to see how your future colleagues are dressed.

Understand Business Casual

Business casual, or smart casual, is one of those awkward terms that can mean a wide range of things. To speak generally, if your workplace is business casual then you can assume that jeans, trainers, and shorts won’t be appropriate for the office. It may seem difficult to stand out style-wise in this type of restricted environment, but there are actually plenty of opportunities to flex your fashion muscles while sticking to a professional dress code.

Firstly, you’ll need a smart blazer and a few jackets to keep the business side of the equation on point. Find jackets or blazers that fit well, avoiding the curse of the baggy shoulders. A dark wool blazer is a great investment that can be thrown over a pair of chinos for instant office cool, and a lighter linen option will work well for the summer months.

There are plenty of dress shirts out there to shop from, but you’ll need to find a few that fit perfectly. Buy a range of fashionable colours and patterns so you can mix things up throughout the week, and stick with good quality cotton styles so you’re always cool and comfortable. Solid, neutral colours are the easiest to match with a range of outfits, but you can experiment with patterns and designs if you’re bored of your usual work uniform.

Above all, focus on the fit of your clothes when shopping for career success. A tailored suit or form fitting shirt will always make you look more professional than you colleague dressed in baggy trousers. Shop around to find the styles and cuts that suit your body type, and don’t shy away from creativity just because you’re dealing with a dress code.

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