Discover How to Be Sexy in the Gym

August 28, 2014


More and more women are coming to realize the amazing benefits of going to gym. For this reason, most of them are turning to fitness fashion. This on growing trend of fashion in the gym is a very fun way to motivate women reach their fitness goals. Even if it is nothing wrong in going to the gym in those wear out clothes you wore ten years ago, you will be much more appealing to men if you choose to dress accordingly.

Gym Fashion

A New Trend in the Gym

Fitness fashion has affected positively almost all the countries in the world, but it all started in the United States. Girls and women are buying modern outfits just to look sexy and feel appreciated. For example, on Daily Beat you can see some of the latest outfits that are so prevalent among the women of the 21st century. The good news is that fitness fashion gets more exciting and diverse each new day, proving that women are never tired of trying something new.

I think we can all agree that a swipe of mascara or lip gloss can instantly boost your confidence. It is also true that more confidence means more energy. When you hit the gym, you do need more confidence, because you will need a huge amount of energy. In order to be sexy in the gym and look amazing, there are a few things you need to remember.

Stay Comfortable

First of all, you need to remember that the most important thing when going to the gym is your workout. If you are not comfortable with that, you won’t be able to capitalize on all the benefits offered by this activity. Don’t wear extremely tight clothes and stay away from baggy clothes. Instead, you can go for a comfortable tracksuit (click here for an array of mens tracksuits) or supportive sports bras which would help you stay mobile and active while looking stylish. You don’t want to attract people, but your primary goal should be to work out. If you can create a balance of loose and tight clothing, you will boost your self-esteem, increase your comfort. Consequently, you will be able to make the most out of each hour spent at gym.

Choose the Right Brand of Shoes

Choosing the right running sneakers is a must, especially if you want to feel comfortable and be fashionable in the same time. One of the best places online where you can find sporty shoes is Each brand produces top-quality shoes that won’t let you down. In order to look hot at the gym and feel amazing, you can choose anything you want from Alberto Guardiani, Dsquared, Vicini and Zamagni. For example, the white sneakers from Alberto Guardiani manufactured in Italy are made of 100% natural leather, which makes them more resistant in time and a more suitable choice when going to gym.

Buy a Good Waterproof Mascara

Another thing you need to do in order to look sexy at the gym is to make sure your waterproof mascara is top-quality. Keep away from foundation creams, because they will clog your pores. Moreover, you won’t be in need of blush, since you will have that natural rosy glow from working out. Why waterproof mascara? Because when working out you will sweat a lot, especially on your forehead. You can try Lancôme Waterproof Full Body Volume Mascara, CoverGirl LashBlast or Anastasia Beverly Hills Genius. Check this link for mascaras famous for their sweat-resistant formulas.

Go For the Ponytail or Beyond

Your hair needs to be off your face and as far away from your eyes as possible. Well, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with a boring pony tail. You can go beyond a ponytail by trying a topknot, braid or ballerina bum.

Moisturizer and BB Cream

If you have a super flushed face and you need to tone it down, you should go for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer after you wash your face with cold water. You can try a moisturizing balm for your lips instead of the common lipstick in order to get a more natural look.

Making Your Hair Look Good

You need to ensure that your hair looks good post workout. So when you are heading from the gym to the next important activity and you are miles away from any shower cabin, you need to do something with your hair to make it look good again. Remove any wispy waves and use dry shampoo spray to remove grease and make your hair look more natural.


In order to be sexy in the gym you need to know how to leverage the latest trends in fitness fashion. Keep in mind the tips presented above and try to enjoy your time spent at the gym while staying attractive and sexy.

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