Designer Medical Scrubs for both Men and Women

June 22, 2014


Women are luckier than men regarding dresses. Most of the woman costumes are highly attractive, colorful and designer. When it comes to medical scrubs, once again males feel frustrated as most of the companies design scrubs only for the female nurses. No, not all the companies. There are some garment companies that care about the male-nurses too.

Yes, today around 15% of nurses are male across the world and of course they can’t adjust with the medical scrubs for women. The designs of the scrubs for women can’t fit in a men’s body as men have wider shoulder and hip while the women have narrower shoulder and bulkier hip. So, keeping the male medical professionals many garment companies have started designing medical scrubs for men. These are fully fit in men’s body and come in gorgeous masculine colors like grey, black, dark brown etc.

It’s a wrong concept among many medical professionals that designer scrubs are mainly for women. In fact the scrubs that they talk about are very old fashioned and baggy. But, today’s medical scrubs are much trendy and are designed to fits well in our body no matter you are a man or woman.

This is the reason today most of the doctors across the globe are wearing doctor’s scrubs instead of their usual uniform. These are not only very comfortable to wear on-duty but also very attractive and elegant. It comes in several modern designs and colors for person of every age and size. You can take V-shaped neck or rounded; if you prefer a bit modern look, you can go for cargo type with several pockets; or simply you can order some unique medical art-works with contrast fabric colors.

Yes, there is no fixed design of medical scrubs and every hospital develops their own design that represents their institution. It helps them to offer the doctors and nurses a breath of fresh air with the comfort and attractive look, while it also provides the hospital a unique identity. So, if your hospital hasn’t still purchased designer doctor’s scrubs, just meet the management team and inform them about it.

However, if you are not working in any hospital or not related to any medical establishment, should you wear medical scrubs? The answer is yes. Today every people wears custom made scrubs for any kind of ceremony as the dress is both comfortable and stylish. They are purchasing beautifully handcrafted costumes instead of traditional T-shirts as it increases the look and feel of the person. At the same time it helps the youngsters to save a few bucks from their pocket money as it comes in very affordable cost.

But, many people still hesitates to wear scrubs and thinks that it’s only for medical professionals. I suggest those peoples to visit different online stores and hunt for a day or two. They will see that many custom made scrubs on those sites are ‘out of stock’. Who are purchasing those? Doctors? No. Doctors generally get their dress from hospitals. So, to move on with the generation just place your order in such stores and you’ll experience the difference.

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