Christmas Outfit Ideas From LastaShop

December 4, 2014


The holiday season is just around the corner and by now you should be whittling down your list of outfits for the Christmas parties. The social occasions over Christmas make it the perfect time of the year to enjoy yourself but also make a good impression with work colleagues and new friends.


For many, buying a new outfit involves taking a trip to the local mall and picking up a dress from one of many retailers based there. Whilst this can be a convenient way to shop, the dresses are often underwhelming and there’s always a chance someone else will have bought the same dress for the party you’re heading to!


Online stores such as LastaShop offer an exciting, alternative choice to those retailers. Based in Los Angeles, the boutique e-store has a curated range of Icelandic brands that are often completely exclusive to them. Whilst a number of their brands are well established like 66 North* and Helicopter, many of the brands are run by young, exciting new designers. This mix of new and established, gives the store a good blend of sophisticated and bold pieces to choose from depending on the type of party you’ll be attending.


All the designers available on LastaShop have roots in Iceland which has had a thriving fashion scene for many years, unlike any other city in the world. After the global recession of 2008, the empty stores and cheap rent of Reykjavik gave space to a creative revolution in the city that is still taking place today.


Led by a “team of fashion lovers, globetrotters, artists and adventurers”, the US retailer has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Their focus on empowering artists and designers from Iceland’s groundbreaking fashion scene has brought both LastaShop and the brands a lot of success in the US and abroad.While the store is entirely based online, the retailer ships worldwide and also regularly uses pop up shops in major US cities including New York and Los Angeles.


Confident and bold, a LastaShop woman isn’t afraid to try something new and stand out from the crowd in social situations. So if you’re looking for an outfit over the holidays that will make you noticed, head over to their store and check out the full range.

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