Challenges you Will Face When Selling Your Jewellery

September 13, 2016


Starting a jewellery business can be pretty challenging. You love your one of a kind creations and you enjoy making them, but you also have to figure out how to market them and how you will make a profit selling them online. This can be one of the hardest parts of your creative jewellery making endeavour, even more so than figuring out where to buy craft supplies online, and many artists struggle with figuring out the business side of the endeavour.

So, when it comes to selling your jewellery online – what are the type of challenges you will face and what are the best ways to overcome those challenges?

Standing Out from the Competition

When you are selling your own jewellery there is a lot of competition out there. After all, Etsy hosts more than 12 million different products and it continues to grow. What makes your products different than all of the other pieces of homemade jewellery on the site? Think about how you can be creative in your jewellery making and don’t be afraid to make something that is bold, unique and different! What type of jewellery could you design that is 100% you and could not be replicated by anyone else in the world? Besides the designs, you should think about the packaging. No customer would like sloppy packaging, so consider CTP Custom Boxes or other similar creative packaging solutions for your business.

Getting Your Jewellery Noticed

The next step is to get your jewellery noticed online so that you can get some interested followers and visitors to your website. Besides strategizing online marketing, ensure that your IT team takes care of website network security as well. You can take measures to fortify website security, not just for your own, but also for customers’ safety. Have the right firewall management tool (check Linode for more info) to safely allow/block any incoming traffic. If you do not have your own company website, there are many sites where you can sell your jewellery online. Art Fire, Zibbit, Bonanza, and Etsy are a few to name. The more obscure websites will make it more likely that you will get your product noticed, but they will also tend to have fewer customers as well. Make sure that you set up a very attractive profile with lots of great photos that will catch the eye of the customers.

That said, if you want to sell your products on Etsy, you might have to learn a bit about the selling procedure on the online platform. If you want to be a trusted Etsy vendor, you need to establish policies for returns and exchanges, payments, shipping and handling, and how to communicate with customers. You must determine how to welcome first-time buyers, send reminders about upcoming deliveries, thank customers, and replace damaged goods before making that very first sale. There is no cost to start an Etsy store, but a few small fees apply to listing your items, transacting business, and paying for processing. The listing fee is just 20 cents for a four-month posting or until your product sells. When you sell something on Etsy, you’re charged a 3.5% transaction fee plus shipping. For example, if you sell an item for $5, you’ll pay a $1.75 transaction fee. You can learn more about the Etsy transaction fees from useful resources on the Internet.

Targeting Your Customers

When you are planning out your advertising campaign it is important to think about the types of customers that you want to target. This can be challenging, but it is an important thing to do because it will help you to narrow down what type of person is most likely to buy your jewellery.

Once you have figured out your target audience this can be really helpful, as you will be able to target your Facebook advertising to them. Facebook allows you to target customers according to certain demographics, including their location, gender, age and interests. It can also be helpful to ask your website visitors to do a survey so that you can learn more about your customers as part of a behavioral segmentation process (which you can read about here: You can put the survey responses in a draw for a prize as a way of motivating people to take part.

Establishing a Social Media Voice

Another one of the challenges that you will face when you are selling your jewellery online is establishing a coherent and effective voice on social media. This can be hard and in order to do it right you will need to think about how you want to come across and what image you want to create with your brand. What does your jewellery say and what kind of mood does it create? Is it playful and youthful… elegant and timeless… modern and daring?

Establishing a social media voice is not just about broadcasting and promoting your product, it is also about engaging in conversations with others. Think about how you can give back something of value to the community that you are involved in. Get people involved by starting up a dialogue.

Dealing With Difficult Customers

Another one of the challenges that comes with selling your jewellery is dealing with the fact that customers can sometimes be difficult. They might have unrealistic expectations of how quickly a custom made piece of jewellery can be completed, or they might ask for a refund even if you haven’t done anything wrong. The best way to deal with this is to be very clear and upfront with what you can and cannot offer. You can offer refunds, but only if there is actually something faulty with the product and not if the customer has simply changed their mind. State all of these policies clearly on your website so that you can avoid confusion.

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