About the Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

October 25, 2015


Thousands and thousands of people in this country try to lose weight through diet and exercise alone and seem to get nowhere, despite their best efforts. For these people, a different type of help may be required. While most people are aware of the existence of bariatric surgery, not everybody wants to have that done, as it is quite invasive and truly life changing. For those who wish to opt for something less drastic, the Obera weight loss balloon may be perfect, so long as their BMI is at least 27.

What Is Orbera?

The Orbera weight loss balloon is a trademarked brand name for a balloon filled with saline that is inserted in the stomach for a period of six months. It partially fills the stomach, which means the patient feels full very quickly. This feeling of fullness is known as ‘satiety’ in medical terms. Essentially, when a patient experiences satiety, they won’t be as hungry and they will eat less because they become full very quickly.

As a result, patients should find it easier to continue to implement diet and lifestyle changes and see a much greater effect. Once these changes become habit, which they should after six months, it will also be much easier to keep the weight off after the balloon is removed. There is no need for invasive surgery or lengthy drug therapy with the Orbera balloon either. Both placement and removal is done via endoscopic (through the mouth) procedures that take only between 20 and 30 minutes. A mild anesthetic will be applied during the procedure.

Those who have the balloon inserted should also consult with a dietician and a personal trainer in order to create a diet and exercise plan that will enable them to achieve their weight loss goals. Thanks to the Orbera, these results will be much more significant, as well as easier to maintain.

How Much Weight Can You Loose with the Orbera?

A patient who receives the Orbera can expect to have quite significant weight loss while the balloon is in place. In a European clinical study conducted in 2005, some 2,515 patients were monitored. It was found that their average weight loss over a six month period was 20kg.

Naturally, these results will vary depending on different patients. How long they can sustain that weight loss also varies. Weight loss is only possible if people make a personal commitment to making real lifestyle changes, involving both diet and exercise. It is vital, therefore, that people follow the advice that is given to them by their physician in order to get the best results.

Finally, it is important to note that Orbera is not suitable for everybody. Those who have a BMI below 27 will not be offered the treatment, as it hasn’t been approved for that. The FDA has approved it specifically for people who have a BMI of between 30 and 40 kg per square meter.

If you are interested in the Orbera gastric balloon procedure, make sure you find a licensed physician to carry out the procedure.

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