A Guy’s Guide to Accessorising

September 29, 2014

Accessorising an outfit can be difficult for men. How much is too much? Is a man-bag too girly? What about jewelry? There’s a lot of questions and a lot of confusion when it comes to men’s fashion, and most men want to look good but aren’t completely in tune with the rules of putting an outfit together. So, here’s the comprehensive guy’s guide to accessorising.


A Guy’s Guide to Accessorising

If in doubt, wear a watch.

A watch is simple, understated and perfect for men that don’t feel comfortable properly accessorising their outfits. A smart watch looks good with any outfit, and you don’t have to feel conscious about looking too girly or too ‘put together’. Round faced and leather strapped watches will get you extra style points, but it’s best to go with whatever kind you naturally prefer. After all, if you’re going to splash out on something, it’s a good idea to make sure you like it enough to wear it regularly. If you’re on the lookout for men’s watches, then check out H. Samuel’s collection, where you’re bound to find something you like for a reasonable price.

Belts and Suspenders

Few things have the form and function as a belt or suspenders. Both of them are essential for keeping your pants up but can also make a fashion statement. Choose a belt that matches the color of your shoes if they are leather. You can also use a fancy belt buckle for an added statement. An even better style alternative to a belt is a pair of leather suspenders from JJ Suspenders which will perform the same function but with a style that will be sure to set you apart.

Jewelry can be manly.

Ten years ago, ‘fashion’ jewelry for men came with a bout of prejudice. Now, it’s the norm for guys to wear leather bracelets, rings and earrings; just read this article for more detail on how men’s jewelry has become main-stream. Generally speaking, anything goes. Leather bracelets can be found everywhere on the high-street, including Topman and Burton, but if you’re after a bargain check out the market stalls selling jewelry next time you’re abroad, you’ll find practically the exact same ones but for less than half the price!

Embrace the man-bag.

Like with jewelry, the stigma surrounding man-bags is beginning to lift. If a guy has a lot of stuff to carry around, then he needs a bag, right? And why should it be imperative that the bag is a rucksack if the guy is to maintain his manly status? Let’s face it, rucksacks are far from stylish, whereas a nice leather satchel is practical and it looks good. For those who still aren’t so sure, a good compromise is a sports bag. They’re often still made from leather, but are branded with the logo of a sports brand, so aren’t too ‘fashionable’ and aren’t even close to being classed as girly.

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