5 Jewelry Pieces That Will Give Your Old Outfit an Instant Upgrade

October 30, 2019

You’re going out for dinner with some friends, and you’re thinking of wearing your favorite outfit. The only thing is, you’ve already worn it several times. Although the pieces still look good, it’s getting old and boring.


If you don’t have money for a new wardrobe, that’s all right. All you need are a few jewelry pieces to make any outfit look better.


Here are five jewelry pieces that can make your old outfit a new look.


Signature Necklace

Having a wide range of signature necklaces can save you when you’re having problems with your outfit. For example, some bold necklaces can save even a simple tank top.


However, be sure that your necklace goes with the outfit you’re going to wear. That’s why we encourage you to get a few pieces. Get a shorter one, a longer necklace, or maybe even some choker options. In fact, if it suits your outfit, then a class necklace would not be a bad idea either. You can get customized necklaces from the likes of Jostens which can be designed to showcase your college/school’s logo and your graduation year, so if you want to show some college pride, then that can be a unique style to consider too!


Having some options can help you partner an outfit with the perfect necklace. It’s all about the neckline of your top as well as its style. Even your body shape can tell which type of accessory will best suit you.


A Pair of Statement Earrings

Studs and little hoops are perfect for everyday wear. But if you want to stand out, you’ll need at least one pair of bold earrings.


If you’re not into bigger and bolder necklaces, earrings can save your outfit. These also work if your top has a pattern or is already a bit loud. Adding necklaces to these tops is a little too over the top.


Choosing the right hairstyle can also improve your look and how you wear your earrings.


Try big hoop rings as they’re pretty simple but also a little extra. Tassel earrings are also getting more popular these days.


Stackable Rings

A few years ago, wearing too many rings, on the one hand, may have been frowned upon. But today, stackable rings are part of the trend.


Each ring is typically minimalist and straightforward, so stacking them together won’t be too much. Additionally, you can wear any manicure you wish. Unlike with signature rings, going for a simpler nail polish is the best way to go.


Stackable Bangles

Besides rings, you might also want to work on stacking and layering bangles and bracelets.


However, if you’re already stacking your rings, stop with the bangles and vice versa. You’ll want to enhance your look, not override it.


Work with bangles of different sizes and textures. You can work with at least three of the pieces if they are rather big. Or you can work with more if you have some thinner pieces.


Layered Necklaces

Besides signature necklaces, you’ll also want to invest in the simpler ones. Again, work on a collection of different lengths. You can layer your collection and create a stunning look.


There are also pieces of necklaces that are sold as a set. These sets work together to create the perfect layer of necklaces. For more options, you can check the luxury diamonds Vancouver has to offer.



Pieces of jewelry can change your look for the better or the worse. As much as possible, lean towards the former. If you want to avoid the latter, know when to use your pieces and when to stop.

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