5 Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2017

January 11, 2017


Now that 2016 is in the past, it’s time to open your closet and welcome new clothes that reflect the exciting fashion trends of 2017. There’ll be several surprises, expected styles, and unusual pairings this year. So get ready to have fun mixing and matching your wardrobe ideas and taking on the whole year with confidence in your style.

  1. Dress + Leggings Combo

Enjoy the freedom and breathability offered by leggings beyond your gym or studio. This 2017, you can look forward to pairing your favorite pair of leggings with dresses. The look may need a little getting used to for some, and you may need to click here to learn how to care for your leggings properly so that you can wear them for as long as possible, but it offers a world of comfort for everyday activities. Aside from defining your legs, leggings can also keep your skin from coming in contact with footwear like over-the-knee boots. Also, leggings come in various patterns, so you have a lot of styles to experiment and play around with. If you need to see how the style looks, just imagine this Kleggings’s Print Leggings with ASOS’ Sweet Dress with Shirting Hem.

  1. Wide Strides

Say au revoir to your tight skinny jeans and make room for wide-leg pants! Wide-leg pants add a bit of flow with each stride you take, especially when it starts to get windy. This pants style offers the versatility and freedom of movement offered by regular pants, but with a feminine flair that’s typically associated with ankle-length dresses. For inspiration, you can match the high-waisted Red Valentino’s Button Detail Wool Pants with sexy yet sophisticated tops like Porche by Kim D’s Sleeveless Sweetheart Bandage Crop Top. You can also put on comfy high-heels to finish this commanding look.

  1. High-End Phone Cases

Sure, there have been wacky cell phone cases in the past. But when Louis Vuitton’s current creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere, revealed an iPhone case designed like the label’s signature Petit Malle trunk, you know something new is coming up. Getting a high-end phone case is one way to add that dash of luxury to your wardrobe. And it is also probably the cheapest thing you can own from Louis Vuitton.

  1. More Stripes

Stripes are just one of those patterns that can’t get old. It gives solid colored clothes detail and structure and, depending on the direction of the pattern, can make the body seem longer or slimmer. Of course, to get the effect you want, you need to remember the rules for wearing stripes. For example, horizontal stripes can make the wearer appear wider, while vertical lines make you look tall and slim. When choosing a top, make sure that the stripes are less than an inch apart. And finally, invest in a pinstripe suit. Not only does it make you look refined, but it gives you a strong, structured presence, too.

  1. Be Bold with Neon

2017 is the year of bold color choices like fluorescent neon hues. Feel free to stand as the life of the party by donning bright orange earrings, electric blue shoes, hot pink dresses, or apple green pants. Neon is loud and definitely daring, so pulling off an outfit with neon colors is a testament to a person’s unwavering confidence and love for the limelight. However, you need to remember to be subtle when incorporating neon in your daily outfit. You don’t want to look like a traffic cone, do you? So mix and match neon pieces with solid, non-neon colored clothing and accessories to make the neon pop.

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